What is KillSwitch and Why Should I Enable it?

July 15, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Grusha Gray

The KillSwitch at a Glance


The VPNCity KillSwitch…

  • Monitors –  continuously monitors your connection for any sudden disconnections, or changes in your connection status and IP address
  • Identifies –  spots these changes right away
  • Blocks and Protects – blocks any apps or programs from accessing the internet until the VPNCity connection is reestablished


Why Should I Enable the KillSwitch on VPNCity?

If you get disconnected from VPNCity, the issue does not necessarily lie come from our end.

Even if you have an ultra reliable internet connection and VPNCity combined, there still is a chance for you to be exposed to online risks. This happens when there are sudden unexpected interruptions with your internet provider causing VPNCity to disconnect. When you get disconnected from your VPN, you will be exposed to risks when your internet service reconnects and all your programs restart automatically.

Having your KillSwitch enabled prevents this risk and ensures that your are connected to VPNCity first before you reconnect to your apps, sites, and programs.



VPNCity combined with KillSwitch is the a great way to safeguard your privacy. You and your device are protected against the following even in the event of disconnection:

  • phishing
  • data leaks (passwords and usernames)
  • abuse of information on social media
  • hacking attempts and account takeovers


Ready to enable the KillSwitch?

Follow the Steps to Enable KillSwitch on VPNCity via Windows App here


If you need further assistance, we are available to assist you via Live Chat 24 hours a day Mondays through Fridays (just click on the light blue button on the lower right corner of this page), and via email 24/7 at support@vpncity.com so you may reach out to us at your most convenient time.