What Encryption Levels Does VPNCity Use?

July 16, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Grusha Gray

VPNCity’s Military-Grade VPN uses AES-256 bit Data Encryption and RSA-4096 Handshake Encryption


With any of our VPN plans, you are protected from all sorts of online threats. Using AES-256 bit Data Encryption and RSA-4096 Handshake Encryption, VPNCity equips you with a virtually unbreakable gate to safeguard your personal data and any information you may want to keep private.


So what does AES-256 bit Data Encryption really mean for me?


Remember back in the day when you were a kids and you’d share a message using a secret code and key to read it? That is the most basic idea of data encryption.

AES-256 on the other hand, is the ultimate level of security algorithm used for data encryption nowadays.


Points to note:

  • AES – stands for Advanced Encryption Standard
  • 256-bit – an encryption technique with a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt information
    • this simply means, that for anyone who wants to intercept your information while you are online, there are actually 2^256 different possible combinations to decipher a message protected with this key
    • just to show you how huge the the number 2^256 is literally = 115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639936


Then what is RSA-4096 Handshake Encryption?


This encryption happens even before you go online. This “handshake” is an encryption technique tells your computer that it is safe to connect to VPNCity by exchanging an encryption key. As with a handshake, the “Handshake Encryption” establishes trust and both parties are recognized as safe.



Count on VPNCity to provide you with only the highest level of encryption to safeguard what is important to you.



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