How to Secure Online Banking When Traveling by Using a VPN

April 8, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Zaine Morgan

How to Secure Online Banking When Traveling by Using a VPN

You’ve done it; you’ve finally booked a vacation to your dream destination.

Congratulations! You certainly deserve it after slaving away for the Man, after all.

While on your trip, you’ll want to stay alert and not fall for any tourist traps or scams. You’ve worked hard to accumulate that money, so don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Keep your bag close to you, don’t stop to watch any shady magic tricks, be on the lookout for anyone who’s just a tad too close to you – these are all wise tips to follow.

But what about the money that’s in your bank account?

You might think that’s out of reach of criminals while you’re vacationing, but you’re wrong.

Why won’t my stash of cash be safe?

In the interest of saving money, maybe you’ve planned to forego buying a SIM card at your destination. Instead, you’ll rely on wifi to get online.

Well done, you penny pincher, you. With the extra money you’ve saved, you can buy a few extra souvenirs to bring back home.

Except you won’t be able to if your bank details get compromised.

This can happen if you use unsecured wifi…which you will. However, when you use these “free” wifi connections, you’re actually paying. And oh, are you paying a lot.

You see, hackers target these unsecured wifi networks to get their grubby hands on things like your bank details. So while it’s safe to use these networks to browse Reddit, they’re definitely not alright to use to see if you have enough money to splurge on that delicious meal.

Keep your precious money safe by using a VPN

cell phone using a VPN to access a banking page

A virtual private network, or VPN, allows you to sign onto a secure and encrypted network. Instead of shouting out your bank details for all the world to hear, you’ll get a private digital booth to access your account.

VPN service lets you log into your bank account without the worry of anyone looking over your shoulder while you’re doing so. This is because it masks your IP address; no one can pinpoint you if there’s no address to be found.

Access your bank account wherever you go

Another pleasant benefit of having a VPN connection is that you can sign into your bank account at any location and not get locked out. You can use the VPN to appear as if you’re still back in your home country, which won’t raise any flags.

I mean, sure, you can tell your bank you’re traveling, and you should. But how many times have you been responsible, let them know the dates you’re gone, and then found yourself blocked from your account anyway?

This can be a real pain, especially when you need immediate access to your funds. Use a VPN connection as extra insurance that you can get to your money when you want. You deserve to relax on your vacation, so don’t let a bank account lockout ruin it for you.

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