How to Enable and Disable Two-Factor Authentication

As an added layer of security for your VPN City account, we encourage you to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Here is how to do it:

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your VPN City Account:

  1. Log in to  your VPN City account.
  2. Under “Configure 2FA”, choose Google Authenticator.
  3. Find and download Google Authenticator on iOS’ App Store or your Android’s Google Play.

  4. Scan the QR code using your mobile device, and then input the 6 digit PIN that will be generated on the box provided.

  5. Once  that is done, it will lead you over to the confirmation page where you’ll see this:

Disable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

  1. Log in to  your VPN City account.
  2. Choose  “Configure 2FA” from the menu.

  3. Press “Click to Disable 2FA”.

  4. Once done, it will bring you back to this page where it asks you to re-enable 2FA once more.