How to Set Up VPNCity VPN on iOS

Here’s how you can manually configure you VPN city credentials on any iOS device.

On your VPN City Account:

  1. Log in to  your VPN City account.
  2. Under My Account, press “ Configure VPN”.
  3. Choose “Manual Configuration”.

  4. Press the (+) sign to add a new configuration.

  5. Choose a “Friendly Name” for your VPS. On this case, I named it “Gryffindor”. Tick IPV6 to turn on this feature.

  6. Take note of your Username and Password as you’ll be needing it later.

  7. Choose your Location, and then hit Update to save the changes you made.


On your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > General > VPN.

  2. Press “Add VPN Configuration.

  3. On Type, Select L2TP.

  4. Type in any name on Description.
  5. Under Server, put the Hostname you’ll find on
  6. Input your Remote ID which is username, along with your Password.
  7. The Secret should be “vpncity”.

  8. Click  “Done” to finish the Setup.

  9. You should now see the VPN you just set up. Once everything is correct, slide the button next to Status to connect.

  10. It should say Connected after a few seconds.