VPN for Business is here!

July 2, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Will Thomas

Let us protect your business. You focus on growing it.

So many businesses in this day and age are not protecting themselves and their employees. In the digital age we live in, it is highly likely your business has tech exposed to the public internet. This could be as simple as an admin login for your website that is accessible to the public and the only thing stopping users is a username and password!

It isn’t 2005

A username and password just doesn’t cut it any more! Lock your business down to your own VPN controlled simply and easily from VPNCity.

So what is a business VPN?

We’ve built a product that we believe will suit most businesses. Built from the ground up, with the idea that it would replace our own business VPN which required admin’s and technical folk, this new system allows even the most simple soul to setup their business and protect themselves and their business straight away.

Some of the features:

  • Ability to add and remove additional users from within theĀ  control panel
  • Easily view which users are connected and to where
  • View what devices each user is connected with
  • 1 Free dedicated IP with every business package
  • Additional IP’s purchased for just a few dollars per month.
  • Share dedicated IP’s between all members of staff

I bet I’ve tickled your fancy? well go check it out.