Mid March Madness

March 19, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Will Thomas

So why the title? To be honest…. I liked the way it rhymed, and maybe it got you to click? A lot has happened since my last update and I can’t wait to tell you…

20,000 people connected

March has seen some 20+ thousand people hitting our servers which is pretty cool and also a great way to test our systems!

It’s been a few weeks since the last update and a lot has happened. As mentioned in my last update, we released our sparkly new Chrome and Firefox extension.

The Firefox extension has had a huge uptake and we’ve seen thousands of users using the services in Amsterdam, London and New York. Don’t forget you can get the Chrome and Firefox extension totally free… We offer the above 3 locations completely free of charge… or you can upgrade to unlimited locations and protect all your devices for just a few bucks a month


New Locations 

So at the time of writing we have 33 locations live across the globe with another 10 going live today! Our aim is to cover the globe in VPN locations and have the most exotic locations on offer. You can keep an eye on whats live and whats coming over at our locations page.


How about a new look?

Yup… Instead of just settling for the work we’ve spent months creating, we’ve decided that the apps  could do with a makeover… Many man and lady hours has gone into rethinking the creatives and how the app’s are going to function. The key goal? To make it look nice and easy to use… sounds simple right?….

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing new apps with the new look and functionality.  The first app to get a refresh is going to be Android – so keep your eyes peeled!


Stop those ads!

If you head into your control panel you can turn on/off ad blocking for each of your devices. We will be building a quick toggle into the apps over the coming weeks to allow you to easily enable/disable it directly from the app without the need to login to your control panel on the site.

By default, ad blocking is disabled so if you want rid of those pesky ads asking you to buy a ticket to space, or a new dog lead for a dog you don’t own… go enable it!

How does it work I hear you ask.

Ok so I’m not one to compare us with… competition… but there are some companies out there that do ad blocking by looking at your traffic and disallowing anything from an ad domain…. Naughty naughty!!! The whole point in a VPN is that your traffic is totally anonymous! What you’re doing is something called man in the middle.

We don’t do that… because we like to do things properly… We employ a far better approach. We simply re-route “ad blocking” traffic via a seperate DNS server that drops traffic to any ad based domains. Easy… Simple…. Non invasive… completely private.


So to wrap up my mid month chatter. Things are going well in Ninja city, and progress is strong.

Thank you for all our existing and new customers who have been using us and helping us build the best and most solid VPN infrastructure on the planet. Stay tuned for more updates!