Censorship a problem? You need ShadowSocks

April 2, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Will Thomas

Welcome City Ninjas. Let me tell you the sad truth….

All over the world governments are enforcing censorship on it’s citizens.

Even the best VPN can’t always traverse goverment firewalls.


Welcome ShadowSocks


ShadowSocks is a proxy based VPN service that cleverly mask packets of data sent from your PC.

Installing ShadowSocks is as easy as putting on a pair of socks(5) (for you techy folk.. I hope you liked the pun)

…but until now you also needed a PHD in Astro Physics to actually buy a VPS then setup and run the server side. And what happens if the VPS you buy can’t be accessed from your location?! Disaster!


We’ve solved the problem! Hurrah!


From today, you will be able to quickly and easily select a location from My Account on VPNCity.com, click create and as if by magic, you have a ShadowSocks server that you can connect to!

Now let me tell you the cool stuff.

  • When you create your ShadowSocks server, you will get a randomized IP to connect too (from our pool of 10’s thousands of IP’s)
  • You will also get a randomized port to connect too
  • Even cooler than those two things! Your outbound IP will be constantly changing
  • DNS Leak Protection…. obviously
  • You can destroy your server and recreate it at any time



We highly recommend the Outline app which has support for Windows / Linux / MacOSX / Android and iOS.

Simply copy and paste the connection string we give you from My Account, and you’re connected and ready to go!

You are free to use any ShadowSocks client that you prefer, but after extensive testing, we’ve found Outline to be the best out there.

All our VPN plans come with access to our ShadowSocks servers, so what are you waiting for? Become a city ninja today!