New Apps – New Features – Including OpenVPN in the Windows App

May 7, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Will Thomas

With our Infrastructure now supporting 10’s thousands of users every day (I’m still amazed at the huge growth over the last few months) we have decided to start implementing more features into the apps based on the feedback we’ve had from our users.



The most widely used VPN protocol and one that our Windows users kept asking about. Until now our Windows App used SoftEther as its primary (and only) protocol. Why you may ask? We still believe that SoftEther offers the best security and stealth online, but we can appreciate that OpenVPN is a tried and tested protocol… and as the saying goes, if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

We now allow users to select the protocol that they wish to use inside the Settings menu inside the Windows Application. You can select between SoftEther and OpenVPN.

A useful feature alongside this protocol selection is also the ability to connect over different ports.  You can select 5 different ports to connect with in-case your provider has blocked the default ports for either protocol (Don’t forget that SoftEther connects over 443 by default so its unlikely its blocked!)


Enabling Features finally here!

I will admit that it was frustrating that if you wanted to enable/disable adblocking or IPV6 you had to go into your control panel on the website!

But no more!

Yes thats right! The Apps are rolling out this week with the ability to simply toggle what features you want!


Streaming servers

We’ve decided to split streaming servers into their own tab inside the apps. Again rolling out this week….

With 50+ locations it was getting hard to find the servers that were specifically setup for streaming, so by giving them their own tab you can quickly find a server for streaming and get watching your favorite shows.