Wireguard Wireguard… where art you!

October 2, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Will Thomas

It’s coming soon!

What the heck is wireguard?

The future!…..

VPN has been fortunate enough to have OpenVPN for many many…. many many years. But OpenVPN is old… its heavy… its bloated… its big… and in honesty, its pretty darn slow.

How often do you lucky people with super fast connections do a speedtest while connected to OpenVPN and think… why is this so slow! Multiple reasons that you sometimes can’t match your line speed. One of those is just because how inefficient OpenVPN is.

Wireguard is here to fix these problems

Wireguard is a super light weight, modern protocol that hopes to allow full speed while remaining highly secure.

Wireguard is still very much Beta, but we are going to be offering this to our users via their Control Panel in the coming weeks.

We are just finishing integrating and going through a testing phase. Once complete, we’ll make another announcement and anyone with a VPN will be able to start using Wireguard.

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