Installing Raspberry Pi as a VPN Wifi Hotspot (Win/Mac)

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Execution Time: 5 Minutes

Using balenaEtcher to copy the Raspberry Pi Img to your SD card takes a few minutes.

You will then have a VPN Wifi Hotspot capable of protecting multiple devices in the home or office using state of the art VPN technology.

What you need

  1. A PC or Laptop (Windows or Mac) with an SD Card Reader
  2. Download a copy of balenaEtcher here
  3. Download the latest VPNCity Rp Image here
  4. Raspberry Pi (with WiFI enabled + Ethernet port)

Copy VPNCity Raspberry Pi Img to SD Card

  • Open balenaEtcher and select the VPNCity Raspberry Pi image in the far left box.
  • Select the SD card you want to format and flash (Note any existing data on the SD card will be removed)
  • Click Flash and wait a few minutes
  • Once complete remove your SD Card and put it in the Raspberry Pi and power up!