Dedicated IP’s are coming

June 13, 2019 - Written by VPN City Ninja Avatar Will Thomas

I tried to make the title sound like a movie. I think we can all agree I failed there….


So lets get onto what is genuinely important and awesome news. For months we’ve had constant requests (literally thousands) for dedicated IP’s but the one thing that people wanted was the ability to easily add new dedicated IP’s to their VPN’s without the hassle that other providers seem to create.


Why make it hard?

I don’t know why they make it hard… but I can say for sure that we’ve made it easy! We aren’t limiting you to just 1 IP either, you can choose to have a number of dedicated IP’s all over the world. There is no special connection sequence either! Just go to your preferred app, choose a location where you own a dedicated IP, hit connect and voila! You will now be connected via your very own dedicated IP.

And yes, you will be able to do the same if you prefer to connect manually (why wouldn’t you use our awesome apps though?!)


Is it truly dedicated?


Next question?

So when can you get your paws on this super cool feature? Next week! I’d like to put a date on it, and I guess if you’re reading this post in 3 years time, next week doesn’t give you that much of an idea… so lets say middle of June 2019 is when it’ll be available. You’ll notice inside the My Account section of the site a new menu item called Dedicated IPs (yes… we came up with that). You will be able to attach dedicated ips to existing VPN’s in just a few seconds.