Configure your Raspberry Pi

Execution Time: 10 Minutes

Want to get started with your own Raspberry Pi router? Get started by flashing the VPNCity Rasperry Pi Image to an SD card. Click here for the Windows and MacOS Instructions

Powering up!

  • Once you have flashed your Img to the SD card. Put the newly flashed SD card in your Raspberry Pi and power it up!
  • Make sure you connect the Raspberry Pi directly to your Home Router via Ethernet cable. It will take approximately 20 seconds to boot and will be given an IP by your router!

Now that you have powered up your Raspberry Pi it will automatically create a new Wireless network called “VPNCity Gateway”. This has created a new network inside your home network. Confusing? Don’t let it be… all you need to know is that you now have 2 separate Wireless networks. Your original home network and a new VPNCity network.

Connecting to your Pi Web Interface

  • Connect to the new “VPNCity Gateway” wifi that has been created. The default password is “vpncity1”. Note that when you first connect you will have NO INTERNET. This is normal as when the Pi is not connected to a VPN it kills internet connection for your safety and privacy.
  • Open in your browser

The Pi Interface

  • When you first visit the Pi interface, you will see a lot of information on screen! Don’t let this put your off.
  • Click “Connect to VPN”
  • Enter your Email / Password that you use to access your VPNCity account
  • Next you can select the Locations that you wish to connect too. Pick a location and click Connect
  • You will now see a OpenVPN Log pop up and information will start streaming down. A lot of confusing information will be printed in this log! So don’t worry if you don’t understand it.
  • If you head back to “Info” you will now see the information has updated to show that you are protected and what your new VPN IP is.

You are done! You have successfully connected your Pi to a VPN and you now have a wireless VPN hotspot in your house. If the Pi reboots it will automatically reconnect to the last location that you were connected too!